Where to go in Belek

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Where to go in Belek
Where to go in Belek

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Video: Where to go in Belek
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photo: Where to go in Belek
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Belek has been enjoying a well-deserved popularity among Turkish residents and foreign tourists for over 30 years. This relatively young resort quickly gained fame as one of the cleanest places on the Turkish coast. Long beaches, marked with the Blue Flag, are protected by pine forests, the sea near the coast is crystal clear, and the air does not contain harmful impurities and is enriched with ozone.

On the site of Belek, until the 80s of the last century, there was a small village where fishermen lived. Since then, the main square, decorated with a mosque with a minaret, and several shopping streets have been preserved. Tourists who come to local hotels are interested in where to go in Belek, what can be seen in the city and the surrounding area, how to spend their free time.

There is simply no time to be bored in Belek. Guests of the resort are offered wonderful excursions to ancient ruins, trips to natural beauty, active entertainment, for example, playing golf. You can also explore all the local beaches and visit several cafes and restaurants serving national cuisine.

Natural attractions


In the vicinity of Belek, there are several interesting natural sites that you should definitely see during your vacation. One of them is the Köprülü canyon. The territory in which it is located is recognized as a national park. Along the bottom of a narrow high canyon, the rapid river Kepryuchay flows, along which merry rafting trips are organized in summer. Such an excursion is inexpensive - about 25 euros per person. Rafting is also available for teenagers. The length of the canyon is 14 km. Those who prefer hiking can walk around the reserve on their own or in a company with a guide (his services will cost about 50 euros). The park is most beautiful in spring, when lush greenery contrasts with bright colors. People come to the park hoping to see huge Caretta Caretta turtles and more than 100 species of birds, including the famous barn owl. The Köprülü canyon was chosen by climbers: its slopes are perfect for climbing with special equipment. Lovers of historical sites will not be disappointed either: the park contains several structures left by the ancient Romans.

A few kilometers from Belek, there is another national park called Kurshunlu Falls. Actually, the waterfall itself is its main attraction. The entrance to the park is paid, but there are never queues at the cashier. It is easier to get to the Kurshunlu waterfall from Belek either as part of an excursion group or by taxi. It will take about 2 hours to walk the route that passes the waterfall, although you can spend the whole day in the park, discovering new picturesque corners, finding paths, bridges, picnic areas, recreation areas.

Another popular natural object near Belek among tourists is the Zeytin Tash cave. It was discovered by accident not so long ago - in 1997. Already in 2002 she received its first guests. Here, experts say, you can see the thinnest cave formations on the planet.

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Ancient cities

Belek is very well located. In its vicinity there are the ruins of four ancient cities, where you can go on an excursion:

  • Perge. The ruins of this city can be reached from Belek by public transport. You need to take the dolmush next to Antalya, and get off in the village of Aksu, and then walk a little. Perge was built in the 12th century BC. NS. and lasted until the 7th century. The remains of many Greek, Roman and Byzantine buildings have survived to this day;
  • Aspendos. Just a few kilometers from Serik, which can be reached from Belek by regular minibuses, the ruins of the city of Aspendos are located on a forty-meter hill. It is known that in the XII century BC. NS. the center of the village was surrounded by fortress walls. The city was abandoned by its inhabitants in the 17th century AD. NS. It is now a tourist attraction. The main building of Aspendos - the theater - has now been restored. Here in the summer months musicians and artists perform in the open air;
  • Thermosos. It is better to come to the city, founded by the Solim mountain tribe, by bus of a tourist company. The Solim controlled the mountain passes, so their city grew rich and prosperous. It was bypassed by the army of Alexander the Great, and the Romans, who conquered the present region of Antalya in the 1st century BC. e., did not interfere in the internal politics of Termesos. The city was deserted in the 5th century after a devastating tremor. Currently, a number of ancient structures are available for inspection. A good view of the surroundings opens from the local theater;
  • Side. This city, which, like Belek, is a popular Turkish resort, is located on the Mediterranean coast. From Belek to Side you need to go by dolmush with a change in the village of Serik. All the sights of Side, and these are the remains of two ancient sanctuaries, agora, theater and Roman baths, in which the archaeological museum is now working, are located in the center of the city, on the peninsula.

Belek beaches

On the first day of their stay in Belek, tourists go to the sea. Local beaches are sandy and stretch for 14 km.

Most of the beaches are private. They belong to huge five-star hotels that are located right on the coast. Hotels and villas located on the second and third line do not have their own beaches. Their guests can go to any beach, only for the use of sun loungers you will have to pay separately. Sometimes the security does not allow "outsiders" to their own beaches. Then there is nothing to do but try your luck on the neighboring beaches or go to the free municipal sector on the coast. A small free city beach is not inferior in cleanliness and comfort to a private one.

Another free beach can be found in the Kadriye area, which is located between the hotel complexes "Riu Kaya Belek" and "Sentido Zeynep Golf & Spa". The beach with soft white sand and gentle slope into the water will appeal to families with children. A park begins immediately behind it, where there are many playgrounds, fields for playing football, volleyball and other outdoor games.

Eucalyptus forests are close to all the beaches of Belek, which is a rarity for the Turkish Riviera. Private beaches do not have their own names. Most often they are distinguished by the name of the hotels to which they belong.

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Cafes and restaurants

In recent years, a huge number of cozy small shops-cafes have opened in Belek and the neighboring village of Kadriye, which is considered part of the local resort area, where they sell bread, water, beer and street snacks (hamburgers, kebabs, etc.). There are also more respectable restaurants in Belek, where visitors are offered a huge menu. Most tourists prefer to eat in restaurants at hotels - their own or neighboring ones.

But in the city you can find interesting places where food is very tasty. Pay attention to the "Gardners" bar, where golf lovers usually gather. Several huge screens are installed here, on which sports competitions are broadcast. The bar serves quality European snacks with drinks. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing and the patrons are welcoming and friendly.

The Mambo Lounge, formerly called Moods, has a modern and sophisticated interior. Nevertheless, people prefer to dine outdoors, near the fountain, where you can watch the course of resort life and be always aware of all the news. The restaurant offers a good selection of dishes, each with its own sauce. The average check here will be slightly higher than in other Belek establishments.

One evening it is worth stopping by for dinner at the most popular restaurant in Belek "Deniz", which serves huge portions of meat or fish dishes. On special occasions, the owner of the Yunus restaurant gets to the stove himself and prepares amazing lobsters. Next to the Deniz establishment there is another iconic place in Belek - the Istanbul cafe. It makes no sense for locals to ask which of these two restaurants is better. Both establishments have their fans. The Istanbul cafe serves fish, steaks, pasta, but all of this is prepared according to special recipes and is significantly different in taste from what you have tasted before.

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Vacation with children


A child who comes with his parents to a fashionable resort is unlikely to be interested in entertainment for adults: rafting, yachting, diving, horse riding and playing golf. Although you can gradually accustom your children to aristocratic sports and hire instructors for them who will teach the kid to stay in the saddle (and in Belek there are several equestrian clubs where cute ponies are kept for such cases) or operate with a golf club.

Both adults and children will love the Troy Aqua & Dolphinarium Water Park, which can be found on the territory of the Rixos Premium Hotel. Its design contains references to the legends about the famous city of Trojans, which, by the way, is located in Turkey. And if adults will surely appreciate the work of the designers, then the kids are more likely to pay attention to the pools and numerous slides, among which there are extreme attractions.

There is also an excellent amusement park in Belek called "The Land of Legends". It includes a zone with attractions, a water park, a dolphinarium, an oceanarium, 9 cinemas and more than three dozen restaurants. You can spend a whole day exploring the park, which the local press has already dubbed "Turkish Disneyland". It has been operating since 2016, but has already become the most favorite attraction of children who come to Belek on vacation.

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Where to go in Belek
Where to go in Belek