Where to go in Abu Dhabi

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Where to go in Abu Dhabi
Where to go in Abu Dhabi
photo: Where to go in Abu Dhabi
photo: Where to go in Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi attracts tourists every year due to the fact that there is always something to see in this amazing city. The combination of developed infrastructure with the spirit of antiquity creates a colorful atmosphere that can immerse you in different periods of the existence of the capital of the UAE.



In Abu Dhabi, you will see not only ancient mosques, but also modern architectural objects worthy of your attention. Among the most popular, it is worth noting:

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which was built from 1996 to 2007. The official opening took place in the month of Ramadan, when the flow of believers in the city increases significantly. The external decoration of the temple is striking in its beauty and scale: snow-white marble, an abundance of gold details and skillful mosaics. The inside of the mosque has a carpet covering, which is considered the largest in the world, and its area is 5626 square meters. Both Muslims and people of other religions are allowed into the mosque, so you can appreciate the luxury of this building.
  • A kind of prototype of the Louvre was created by designers in 2017 on the island of Saadiyat. Today this museum complex represents a separate value for the cultural world of the Emirates. The vast territory contains 54 buildings, each of which offers visitors a collection of valuable exhibits from different eras and civilizations. The pride of the museum is the technological equipment that makes it possible to conduct excursions in several languages and describe in detail the most significant rarities.
  • Al-Husn Palace, located in the central part of the city, harmoniously fits into the surrounding image of the city. Initially, the building was erected with the aim of protecting fresh water sources, which have always been worth their weight in gold in the Emirates. Over time, the main function of the palace faded into the background, and in the 20th century the complex was reconstructed into an architectural monument. Later, on the basis of the palace, a center for documentation and historical research was organized, which contains important archives telling about the formation of the city.

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In Abu Dhabi, you will always find something to do, including a variety of sports tourism. Fans of unusual leisure activities should try entertainment such as:

  • boat trip in the Eastern Mangrove Lagoon National Park located in the central part of the city. The uniqueness of this place is that you do not have to go far from the city to see rare mangroves and their inhabitants. In addition to the underwater world, birds and some representatives of the fauna live in the park.
  • competitions in team rowing, involving a week of training and further development of the acquired skills in practice. To do this, you should contact any travel company that will explain the details and draw up the necessary documents. Further, under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will learn the basics of canoeing, made in the shape of an old boat with the head and tail of a dragon. As a result, you will be able to take part in competitions with your team.
  • an exciting safari on the island of Sir Bani Yas, located 2 hours from Abu Dhabi. The island is recognized as the best example of ecological tourism due to the fact that the largest nature reserve in the country has been created on its territory. Species of endangered animals live in vast areas, which are constantly monitored and cared for. Visitors can only travel in specialized vehicles accompanied by a guide.
  • scuba diving with dugongs or sea cows in the waters of the Persian Gulf. These herbivorous mammals were on the brink of survival for a long time, until the local authorities categorically banned hunting for them in the vicinity of the islands of Marawah, Mabarras and Butin. Over time, their population has increased and today tourists are allowed to go diving in order to see these unusual animals.

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High-tech architecture

Abu Dhabi is impossible to imagine without skyscrapers and towers towering into infinity, impressive with an unusual design. Once in this amazing city, be sure to go and see its main "giants", usually built in the center.

The first thing that catches your eye while walking along the embankment of the Persian Gulf is an ensemble called "Etihad Towers". Five skyscrapers of different lengths were built in 2010 and entered the top ten tallest structures in Abu Dhabi. Arab masters managed to create a feeling of "airiness" of buildings thanks to smooth mirror plates that fit tightly to each other.

Inside, a separate mini-city has been created, consisting of many restaurants, shops, hotels, private residential apartments and cinemas.

The visiting card of the eastern part of Abu Dhabi is the twin skyscrapers "Al-Bahar". The highlight of this project was the desire of the architects to combine two styles: Arabic and ultramodern. As a result, the buildings outwardly look somewhat futuristic, which even more attracts the attention of vacationers. At the same time, skyscrapers have one feature, which is panels moving under the influence of sunlight.

The Aldar HQ skyscraper is rightfully considered one of the recognized masterpieces of modern architecture in Abu Dhabi. The building looks like a huge round shell with convex spherical walls. The structure is completely made of metal, glass, concrete frame structures, creating an amazing reflective effect.

The next tower was recognized as the leader among skyscrapers built with a maximum wall inclination angle of 19 degrees. This record was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, after which the Capital Gate became a famous landmark. If you go up to the last 35th floor of the skyscraper, you will find yourself on the best observation deck in the city, from where you can enjoy magnificent views.

Shopping lovers note

The Emirates occupies a special place among those who prefer shopping for all tastes. You can satisfy your gastronomic interest by going to the seafood market near the Corniche Road. In the mornings, residents of Abu Dhabi gather here and put fresh catch on the counters. Octopus, oysters, fish, squid, shrimp, shellfish - this is only half of the assortment that they sell. There is a popular restaurant next to the market, where you can immediately cook purchased seafood.

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Tired of the bustle of the East, head to the Marina Mall, located in the area of the Emirates Palace hotel. There is everything for great shopping and entertainment. The first floor is traditionally filled with boutiques with exclusive perfumery, clothing, haberdashery and footwear. In winter, there is a high probability of getting to a great sale, where you can buy branded items at a reasonable price. The advantage of this store is that you can pay with a card, to which you will receive a cash back.

The rest of the levels house playgrounds, cinemas, beauty salons, bowling alleys, an ice rink and even a swimming pool. All this is at your service any day all year round.

In search of souvenirs, you should go to the old part of Abu Dhabi and look into the authentic shops of local craftsmen. There you will find a variety of products made in the best Arab traditions. Don't forget to bargain with the vendors as they often overcharge when they see foreign tourists.

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World of entertainment


The entertainment industry is represented in the city by a variety of theme and national parks. One of them is dedicated to the world famous Italian brand Ferrari. The main building of the complex is built in the shape of the famous red racing car. Once inside, you will see huge spaces filled with attractions of different ages, cafes and shops. Also on the territory of the park there is a unique museum, the collection of which includes all models of the car, starting from 1947.

You can go to the island of Sir Bani Yas in order to visit the Yas Waterworld water park, built in the style of an ancient settlement. The park is divided into zones where modern attractions are installed. It should be noted that the equipment of the park has a high level of safety and meets international standards. After water activities, tourists enjoy walking along small pavements and trying national cuisine in a cafe.

If you want to see Abu Dhabi since its inception, then visit the Ethnographic Village, established in 1997. The goal of this project was to preserve the cultural heritage of the city until the period when oil was found in the Emirates. In the village you will be met by guides who will acquaint you with the housing and life of the Bedouins who have lived in this territory for more than 10 centuries. As part of the excursion, you will be offered a master class on oriental crafts and music.

Near the village is the most interesting attraction of Abu Dhabi - a veterinary clinic specializing in helping falcons. Since 2006, other species of birds that have suffered at the hands of poachers have been brought to the clinic. On the basis of the hospital, a bird shelter has been created, where convalescent "patients" are kept.

This unusual trip will allow you not only to take part in bird treatment, but also to see how healthy birds are taught to hunt. The clinic's museum contains extensive archival and photographic material telling about the history of the development of falconry in the Emirates, from the early era to the present day.

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Where to go in Abu Dhabi
Where to go in Abu Dhabi