Weather in Safed in November

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Weather in Safed in November
Weather in Safed in November
photo: Weather in Safed in November
photo: Weather in Safed in November

November in Safed bears little resemblance to the damp and chilly end of autumn at home, familiar to a Muscovite or Petersburger. Of course, Tel Aviv's warm sea and Eilat's hot sand in the Upper Galilee at this time are also not to be found at this time, but in general, the weather in Safed in November is quite worthy of talking about it with pleasure.

Forecasters promise

The last month of autumn in northern Israel is reminiscent of the end of summer in Europe. There are still enough sundials, precipitation is just beginning to timidly remind that their time is just around the corner, and mercury columns, both day and night, delight tourists with quite comfortable readings:

  • If during breakfast you are unlikely to see on the street thermometers above + 14 ° С, then by noon their columns reach the 20-degree mark.
  • In the afternoon, they manage to climb a couple more degrees higher, after which they begin to decline along with the sun, which tends to set.
  • With the onset of dusk, the temperature drops to + 14 ° С, and by midnight it decreases by another two or three divisions.
  • The wind in November is getting stronger every day and more often brings clouds from the Mediterranean Sea.
  • There are about seven rainy days in November in Safed, but the nature of lingering precipitation is not yet accepted.

To endure all the weather surprises, take waterproof shoes and a windbreaker with you. A warm sweater for evening walks in Safed in November will also not seem superfluous.

By sea from Safed

It is still possible to swim in the closest body of water to the city, Lake Kinneret, in November. In the water on the beaches of Tiberias, thermometers show from + 24 ° С in the first days of the month to + 17 ° С - in the last decade.

Most comfortable in November on the beaches of Eilat. The famous Israeli resort on the Red Sea and Safed are just 500 km away. It is very pleasant to rest in Eilat at the end of autumn - the heat has receded, there is still a lot of sun, and the thermometers show up to + 24 ° С at sea and up to + 28 ° С - on the coast.

A little hotter on the shores of the Dead Sea. The saltiest body of water on the planet has a special microclimate, and a beach holiday at its resorts is more suitable for people in need of health or beauty treatments. The water temperature in the Dead Sea this month rises to + 26 ° С, the air warms up to + 27 ° С.