Abandoned and forgotten: 5 atmospheric abandoned places on our planet

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Abandoned and forgotten: 5 atmospheric abandoned places on our planet
Abandoned and forgotten: 5 atmospheric abandoned places on our planet
photo: Abandoned and forgotten: 5 atmospheric abandoned places on our planet
photo: Abandoned and forgotten: 5 atmospheric abandoned places on our planet

There are many places in the world abandoned by man - these are old castles in which rich families once lived, and roads that used to be of strategic importance, and amusement parks, where children laughed some time ago, and even entire cities and villages. Now these abandoned places are of great interest to tourists - they have something alluring, mysterious, a little eerie that makes the hearts of adventurers beat faster.

Especially for the Votpusk editorial staff, Ford experts have prepared a selection of the most spectacular abandoned places in the world that will not leave indifferent any traveler.

Miranda Castle (Chateau Miranda), Belgium

The castle was built in one of the villages of the Belgian province of Namur at the end of the 19th century by an English architect for the family of a wealthy count. After the surrender of Belgium during the Second World War, the castle was occupied for a time by German soldiers. The count's family was forced to leave their possessions and flee to the south of France.

After the end of the war, the owners never returned to Chateau Miranda, and the castle was leased to the Belgian railway company. The railway company organized a holiday home there for the children of its employees, which was closed in 1991 - since then, the castle has been in complete desolation. Now Chateau Miranda looks like it has stepped off the screen of a horror movie - broken glass, empty doorways and collapsed staircases.

Nara Dreamland amusement park, Japan

A truly eerie sight - an empty amusement park, where the atmosphere of fun and joy was replaced by oppressive silence and complete devastation. Nara Dreamland Park was opened in 1961 as a Japanese answer to Disneyland. For almost half a century, the park has been the hallmark of the region, enjoying frenzied popularity both among the Japanese themselves and among tourists. However, in the early 2000s, entertainment giants such as Disney and Universal entered the land of the rising sun; The flow of visitors to Nara Dreamland began to decline rapidly, and in 2006 the owners decided to close it, because they no longer had the opportunity to run the unprofitable amusement park. Nowadays, Nara Dreamland can be a great set for a dark film.

Ledo Road, China

This 436 km long mountain road was built by the Allied forces during World War II from the Indian city of Assam to the Burma Road. The road was built in order to resume the supply of military supplies to China. The project was incredibly complex and expensive - the US mission equipped 15 thousand people for its implementation; the road was built over 3 years, and a total of $ 148 million was spent on the process of its construction.

Soon after the war, the Ledo road was forgotten. For a time, travel to the region was banned due to the constant clashes between Indian troops and rebels. Now the serpentine is completely abandoned, only occasionally the silence of the prevailing nature is disturbed by a few tourists. Such an atmosphere is absolutely ideal for drivers who want to experience an unforgettable driving experience on the once legendary road lost in the mountains - Ford decided that the scenic track is the best fit for a spectacular test drive of a charged Ford Focus RS model - watch the exciting video on link.

Military Hospital Beelitz-Heilstätten, Germany

Initially, a military hospital in the city of Belitz near Berlin was a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. However, after the outbreak of the First World War, the sanatorium was turned into a hospital for military personnel. Hitler himself received treatment here - at the end of 1916, a young soldier Adolf Hitler was sent here to recover from a wound in the thigh. The hospital grew very quickly, at some point turning into a city-forming facility - a small settlement with its own infrastructure appeared around it.

After World War II, the sanatorium passed into the hands of the authorities within the GDR; now only soldiers or high-ranking officials who served in the area had the right to be treated here. Gradually, the sanatorium lost its functions, and in 1994 it was finally abandoned by people.

Hotel "Northern Crown", St. Petersburg

There are a large number of atmospheric abandoned places in our country. Take a look at one fashionable hotel in St. Petersburg that has never been opened.

The construction of the Northern Crown began in 1988. It was a large-scale and ambitious project of the USSR State Committee for Tourism. Specialists from Yugoslavia were invited for the construction, but after three years the USSR collapsed, funding stopped, and the project was frozen. A few years later, a new contract was signed with Turkish specialists, but the hotel was nevertheless decided to open in 1996. By the time of the planned opening, the hotel complex had already been built by 90%, but for some unknown reason, the opening did not take place, and the huge building was simply abandoned. Now the "Northern Crown" is still empty, towering like a gloomy hulk on the banks of the Karpovka River.